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Shift works beautifully on Windows, Mac, and Linux - independent of a browser, and grouped by account.

Good sh*t, for Gmail.
See what other Shift-disturbers are saying

Shift has made my entire company function more smoothly. We use G-Suite for email, cloud storage, calendars and document creation. Switching between our accounts used to be a huge pain. Now it’s a breeze, and we are saving loads of time!

Dave Boni
Owner, BOLDmeta Media

I love the clean experience that Shift offers - and how it leverages Gmail. I much prefer this experience to many of the dedicated desktop clients.

Tobiasz Dankiewicz
Co-Founder, reebee Inc.

Adopting Shift has been really easy for me because it feels very similar to the way I use Slack; I can belong to multiple teams in Slack and seamlessly dip in and out of those teams as I need to throughout my day.

Sarah Doody
UX Design & Product Strategy

I am thoroughly impressed! And to be honest, I had never even realized how annoying it was to be switching between tabs for different accounts, Google Drive or Calendar. I had been doing it for years without thinking about how inefficient it was. I also didn't want to use another email client as I am used to the Gmail layout. Shift is an easy transition, and very intuitive; my workflow has improved drastically!

Vik Mod
Director, MATH

My dreams have come true! Switching between 5 different Gmail accounts was a headache, especially when it came to my documents in Drive. How this one product has managed to boost my productivity, and restore my email sanity, is incredible.

Paul Von Prandible
Founder, Prandible

I love Shift, and I use it daily. I’ve tried almost every other Google solution and none of them have worked as well. With Shift, I'm not losing emails or missing meetings, and I will never have 12+ tabs open again. I'm able to do my job more efficiently, and it rocks.

Alex Marshall
Head of CX, HealthIQ

Shift is the number one way users, just like you, GSD.

6 Signs you could get more sh*t done:


You have multiple email accounts, and they all give you mild anxiety.


You check each account approximately 36 times per hour.


Your multiple calendar situation looks like a rainbow just threw up.


Your digital filing system makes sense (to your eyes only).


Your post-it note consumption is at an all-time high, despite the advent of the Internet.


You've been accused of tab over-usage by colleagues, friends, and even relatives.

Gmail Like A Boss!