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Slack Text Formats: Bold, Quote, Strike-through + More!

Changing the formatting of your text can add clarity and emphasis to your messages. No longer will corporate messages make you sound like a robot - in Slack, they can sound cool and even fun!

Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 23 Oct, 2018

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How to Use Slack More Efficiently

If you’ve ever used any type of online workspace for teams, chances are you’ve heard of Slack. Much like other digital mediums of its kind, Slack allows teams to collaborate, communicate, share, plan, celebrate, and do nearly whatever else it takes to get stuff done—together. However, if your team is spread across the country, globe, or even companies (yes, companies), you’ll appreciate the innovative collaboration features Slack offers for keeping you and those you’re working with connected and productive.

Nadia Tatlow

General Manager, Shift - 12 Mar, 2018

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