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Shift Supports POP & IMAP Accounts!

Do you have a POP or IMAP email account and want to use it in Shift? You can set up a proxy account which can be modified to support your POP/IMAP account.

Mahum Azeem

Developer Coop - 6 Jun, 2018

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Tired of Switching between accounts? Get Shift!

Get sh*t done across Mail, Calendar & Drive. Access Boomerang,
Grammarly, Google Services, and all of your favorite apps.

Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux

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How to Manage Distractions & Keep Focus in a Noisy Digital Age

Our digital devices are always dinging, flashing, or vibrating with alerts, texts, and reminders, indicating that we are constantly—and in some cases, involuntarily—connected.

Information has never been so readily available, or so distracting.

With so much competing for our attention, it seems nearly impossible to completely narrow our focus to the right things. But, research shows that focus is actually the gateway to thinking. Meaning that without it, your thinking—and everything else that follows, like productivity, performance, and concentration—suffers.

Nadia Tatlow

General Manager, Shift - 30 May, 2018

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How to Log In to Two WhatsApp Accounts at Once

Anyone who knows anything about being productive knows that, under such a cycle, productivity will never, ever be possible. What you need is a solution to the madness. So, let’s talk about how to log into two (or more) WhatsApp accounts at once.  

Nadia Tatlow

General Manager, Shift - 24 Apr, 2018

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