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How to Write Great Follow-Up Emails

Writing great follow-up emails is an imprecise art.

Sure, you could simply reiterate what you’ve already mentioned in your first email, add a couple of bold words and exclamation points throughout, and sign off with the all-too-classic, “Hope to hear from you soon!”

Or, you could learn the art of writing exceptional follow-up emails—you know, the ones that encourage openings, capture attention and invoke action from readers.

Believe it or not, writing great follow-up emails could be the difference between lackluster campaign performance and high response and engagement rates.

Leaning on some of the best advice from across the web, we’ve compiled 8 tips that cover how to write great follow-up emails and get the conversation rolling with recipients.  

We’ve broken these tips down into what we consider to be four of the most important aspects of a follow-up email: subject line, body, tone, and structure.

Nadia Tatlow

General Manager, Shift - 14 Sep, 2018

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