Shift for Teams

Share all of the benefits of Shift Pro across your entire organization, team, or club.

We've added one-on-one support, and special discounts,
to help you achieve those squad goals, faster.

Here's what you get:

Everything you love
about Shift Pro!

A dedicated Account Manager
(aka special treatment)

Consolidated billing
for all team members

Team rates
(the bigger, the better!)

Good sh*t, for Gmail.
See what other Shift-disturbers are saying

Shift has made my entire company function more smoothly. We use G-Suite for email, cloud storage, calendars and document creation. Switching between our accounts used to be a huge pain. Now it’s a breeze, and we are saving loads of time!

Adopting Shift has been really easy for me because it feels very similar to the way I use Slack; I can belong to multiple teams in Slack and seamlessly dip in and out of those teams as I need to throughout my day.

I love the clean experience that Shift offers - and how it leverages Gmail. I much prefer this experience to many of the dedicated desktop clients.

Dave Boni
Owner, BOLDmeta Media
Sarah Doody
UX Design & Product Strategy
Tobiasz Dankiewicz
Co-Founder, reebee Inc.