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How to Use Multiple Instagram Accounts on Desktop

Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 23 Nov, 2018

Having multiple Instagram accounts might be exactly what you and your brand are missing. You just might not know it yet. Did you know that with Shift, you can also login to Instagram on your desktop?

When Instagram first came to be, it was difficult to navigate in browsers. And while there's still no way to actually upload your photographs to it while at your computer, you can do pretty much everything else.

These days, Instagram allows you to view stories, search and explore tags and locations, and follow (and unfollow, let's be real) accounts from your desktop. Furthermore, you can also manage multiple accounts directly from Shift.

Sick and tired of having to log in and out of your brand profile? Boy, do we have a solution for you!

How to log into Instagram on desktop via Shift

Shift is no stranger to the coolest applications, and Instagram is definitely one of our users' favorite apps. Here is how to add Instagram to your deck of apps in Shift:

instagram desktop shift instagram login

1. Go to Add Application [+]
2. Search for Instagram
3. Click the + in the top right-hand corner to install it
4. Enter an account name and choose a color
5. Log in using your Instagram account or Facebook
6. How to login to multiple Instagram accounts in Shift

To log into more than one accounts, all you need to do is repeat the above steps for each of the accounts.

multiple instagram login on desktop

1. Click on the add application icon [+]
2. Search for Instagram (there should be a green check mark since you've already signed in once)
3. Click + to install it
4. Enter your account name and choose a color for it
5. Log in using a different Instagram account or Facebook

Tip: Choosing a different color and setting a different name for each account will help you to distinguish between them if you're using the compact layout.

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