7 Cognitive Biases That Turn Time Management Into Chaos

There are 7 cognitive biases that dramatically affect our abilities to make rational decisions and efficiently manage our time. Follow this article to learn more about these biases and identify useful strategies to help you curb cognitive traps.

Sophie Blaine

Marketing Specialist - 23 Feb, 2021

Co-working From Home: Tips To Keep Your Relationship Strong

Most of us are working with a very unlikely "co-worker" at home and this adjustment comes with its challenges. Take some of these tips for strengthening your relationship through adversity and reach work from home bliss.

Sophie Blaine

Marketing Specialist - 11 Feb, 2021

An Extroverts Guide To Working From Home

Working from home is an introverted fantasy, but for those extroverted, this could feel like a complete and utter nightmare. Discover 10 helpful tips for extroverts that will improve your well-being, along with your productivity.

Sophie Blaine

Marketing Specialist - 09 Feb, 2021

An Introverts Guide To Working From Home

For introverts, working from home may have sounded like a dream, but this adjustment to your workflow comes with its challenges. Follow along with this guide to discover the best tips for working from home as an introvert and find your focus.

Sophie Blaine

Marketing Specialist - 05 Feb, 2021

LIVE: Reset Your Productivity in 2021

Join Michael Foucher, Shift’s Director of Product, and Bob Jenkins, the Sales and Marketing Manager at Leadpages, for an informative webinar about how to kickstart your productivity in the new year. Streamline your workflow with customized workspaces and a simple solution to your many accounts.

Sophie Blaine

Marketing Specialist - 02 Feb, 2021

How Marketers Boost Productivity Using Shift

Whether you are freelance, in-house, or marketing at an agency, managing multiple emails, app accounts and sharing resources with clients is made easy with Shift. Learn how marketers can use Shift and streamline your workflow.

Sophie Blaine

Marketing Specialist - 01 Feb, 2021

10 Tips To Achieve Inbox Zero

You can achieve email enlightenment by following these steps to help you reach inbox zero.

Sophie Blaine

Marketing Specialist - 29 Jan, 2021

How to Synchronize Sleep Chronotypes and Productivity in 2021

Discover your sleep chronotype to understand and prioritize your sleep cycle, while boosting joy and productivity in your life.

Sophie Blaine

Marketing Specialist - 28 Jan, 2021

Case Study: The Master Marketer

Daniel Paul started out marketing the first apple computer to home users and now he runs his own marketing agency. Daniel shares key productivity tips that have helped him to manage multiple clients and stay on top of an always-changing digital world.

Sophie Blaine

Marketing Specialist - 19 Jan, 2021

How To Cope With Email Overload

These 10 tips for managing your inbox will help relieve the stress of email, reduce clutter and improve your workflow. It's time to take control of your inbox and kickstart productivity.

Sophie Blaine

Marketing Specialist - 19 Jan, 2021

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