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How to Create an Email Template in Gmail

Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 20 Nov, 2018

Did you know that creating an email template in Gmail could save you more time than you realized you had? You're about to have your mind blown.

Composing every single email from the get-go is exhausting. Especially if you're a freelancer sending upwards of 100 emails a day from multiple Gmail addresses using Shift.

Even when you copy and paste the words, it feels tedious. And hello! That time is your time to do other things. This is why Gmail's email template feature is damn near a lifesaver.

Canned responses / email templates

Canned responses—or email templates—are a clever feature implemented by Gmail. It allows its users to create and save a bunch of templates which can shave off hours of your work hours.

You can also set them up in less than a minute.

Enable email templates in Gmail

gmail canned message template enable

1. Open your inbox in Shift
2. Click the gear icon and then "Settings"
3. Navigate to the "Advanced" tab
4. Next to Canned Responses (Templates), Select "Enable"
5. Save your changes

Create a Gmail template

gmail canned message template create

1. Open up a new email by hitting "Compose"
2. Click the three dots (More options)
3. Hover "Canned responses"
4. Click "New canned response..."
5. Create a name for your new template
6. Paste/write your response
7. Go back to "Canned responses" and hit the template's name under "Save"
8. Click "OK' when the overwrite confirmation pop-up appears

Inserting canned response into a new email

gmail canned message template send

If you quickly want to activate your templates, it's even easier.

1. Click "Compose"
2. Hit "More options"
3. Hover "Canned responses"
4. Then choose the name of the response you want to use from the "Insert" section
5. When the response opens, add your recipient and then click send

Although canned responses are no automation software like MailChimp, they're one of the best ways to save time on the busiest of days. What's better than saving time so you can take a nap?

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