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How to Sign in to Multiple Slack Workplaces at Once

You did know it was possible to sign into multiple workspaces at once using one Slack account, right? If not, you aren't the only one. Join us for a walkthrough to get you set up with all of your Slack workplaces simultaneously!

Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 19 Oct, 2018

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How to Block or Unblock Someone on Facebook

Facebook is a great place to share your thoughts and socialize with your friends online; however, sometimes 'unfollwing' or ‘unfriending’ isn’t enough to filter out the people you do not want to interact with. Fortunately, Facebook’s ‘blocking’ feature will take care of this problem.

Jaeyou Park

Marketing Associate - 18 Oct, 2018

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How to Manage Slack and Email At the Same Time (And Stay Productive!)

These days, people are all about getting stuff done.

And the more tools and resources—in most cases, digital ones—they have to help them reach their goals, the better they feel about the doing part of the equation.

Nadia Tatlow

General Manager, Shift - 4 Dec, 2017

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